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Meet Our Officers


Joe Buriel


Since retiring from the Agronomy Dept. of the University of Maryland, Joe Buriel has occupied himself with weaving, spinning, and working in his garden. As a longtime member of the Hyattsville Horticultural Society, he has come to appreciate the unique character and charm of the city, both in its architectural diversity and in its appreciation for the urban environment.


Victoria Boucher-Hille


According to my father, I come from a long line of "farmers, teachers and crackpots," and I believe my alter ego "Miss Floribunda" is the personification of all three. My passion for flowers was evident at a very early age, although interest in gardening itself came rather later.


Julie Wolf

Vice President

My name is Julie Wolf and I am currently the Vice President of HHS. At work, I am Research Plant Physiologist (someone who studies the normal functioning of plants) with a government agricultural agency.


Susan Hines


Susan Hines has lived and gardened in Riverdale and Hyattsville for 25 years. As a staff writer for Landscape Architecture magazine and the marketing and PR...

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