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Julie struggles to grow stuff

It's been a crazy summer, huh? I had all kinds of stuff started early--cukes, tomatoes, green beans, you name it--to take advantage of the lack of freezes in spring. But marauding deer have been through multiple times, despite my best efforts to fence them out. I was able to make one batch of tomato sauce, but lost multiple roma tomato fruits to grazing as well as trampling, and they repeatedly defoliated my green beans and hort bean plants. they ate every single bud of my favorite flowers, yellow turk's cap lilies. The nearby development has really crowded them.

With all the summer rain, i haven't seen too many butterflies either, but have hopes that this beautiful week of dry weather might help. and I did witness some kind of waspish predator bundling up some kind of aphid, on some ironweed. maybe to lay eggs in to parasitize? Nature is still amazing, even after a rough summer. How is your garden doing?

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