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Gardening Update:   2/19/2024:  about 7 weeks before average last frost. The soil has warmed to about 42ºF in the top 4-6 inches. Better to wait until the soil temperature is closer to 50ºF to improve seed success directly in the ground. That should be soon.  

2/4/2024: 9 wks before, soil got colder--34 in shade, 37 sun.
29/2024: 10 weeks before the average last frost in Hyattsville.   time to start hot peppers, onions and leeks indoors.  Soil temperature:   42ºF (full sun, South facing near house), 40ºF (North/shade) 

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You may attend any Hyattsville Horticultural Society events whether or not you pay dues. If you choose to pay dues, you may pay them by cash or check at our February seed sales, at our January, February, or March meetings, OR you may pay online by clicking the link below (via Square).   We use collected money to host paid speakers, contribute to various causes, and/or support events and activities.  All spending is agreed upon at our meetings and described in our meeting minutes and email updates.  Thank you!


Feb. 10th, 2024:   In-person seed sale resumes!  10AM-3PM at the Municipal Building

Mar. 16th, 2024--Meeting and seed-starting workshop

April 20th, 2024--Meeting and Spring Plant Exchange

Meetings are usually on the third Saturday of each month at 10 AM, with some exceptions.   Location varies.

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